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Moisture & Vapor Control

The process of moisture and vapor control is mainly intended to make your home more energy efficient with more comfort and free from any molds and mildews. Controlling water vapor transmission rate (MVT) is important for the long-term durability of tiled floors. Moisture in the concrete not only causes swelling and delamination of the floor coating, but can also prevent proper adhesion to the slab. Ultimately, the current system will need to be completely removed and a new floor coating system will be installed that incorporates water vapor barrier products.

The source of moisture can be from the soil beneath the slab. This is especially true if the facility is located in an area where the soil remains wet for most of the year. One of the reasons moisture penetrates the concrete surface is that moisture protection under the ceiling has been omitted or misplaced during the construction phase. Moisture can also come from the concrete itself. This can occur because water is the main component of the concrete mixing process and is a porous material that absorbs water. If not cured for a sufficient period of time, water vapor can move to the surface.

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